Hospitalists at South Texas Health System Clinics in Edinburg, Texas


What is a Hospitalist?

A hospitalist is a physician who cares for patients while in the hospital. Similar to a primary care doctor, a hospitalist is trained in general internal medicine and other specialties. From the point of admission through discharge, a hospitalist manages a patient’s treatment course by coordinating and consulting with specialists, scheduling tests, monitoring progress and discharging the patient to his or her primary care physician.

How the Program Works

Once a patient is admitted to the hospital, a hospitalist may contact the primary care physician for information regarding the patient’s medical history and condition. The hospitalist closely monitors the patient and follows up on all tests and treatments. When it’s time to leave, they’ll update the patient and their primary care physician about further treatment needs. They’ll also prescribe any necessary medications.

Personal Care While in the Hospital

In addition to managing and coordinating patient care in the hospital, hospitalists will answer questions and address any concerns that patients and their family members may have. Hospitalists visit patients daily, so it is recommended that patients jot down non-urgent questions for the next visit. Since hospitalists are available in person every day from early morning to late at night, and are on call during the night, they usually are able to respond quickly.

After Discharge

Hospitalists care for patients in the hospital only. Once a patient is discharged, their primary care physician handles follow-up care. Primary care physicians have access to all hospital records and will be able to answer questions related to hospitalization and discharge instructions.

Directory of South Texas Health System Clinics Hospitalists

South Texas Health System Edinburg

Pedro R. Abanto, MD
Rafael Fontirroche, MD
Yolanda Gonzalez Giraldo, MD
Jonathan Longoria, MD
Paula Martinez-Burgos, MD
Agustin Mego, MD
Ali Naqvi, MD
Pablo Olmedo, MD
Yolanda Perkins Cobos, MD
Jose R. Sobrevilla Jr., MD
Shwe Win, MD

South Texas Health System McAllen

Claudia Akcoban, MD
Khursheed Alam, MD
Padmini Bhadriraju, MD
Abraham Campoy, MD
Martha Cano, MD
Helena Cobos, MD
Benjamin Fano, MD
Carmen Gomez Fitzpatrick, MD
Abdo Gonzalez Silvera, MD
Ivonne Lopez Lopez, MD
Aparna Mohan, MD
Olga Olivares-Herrera, MD
Nyan Phyo, MD
Aryham Rivas, MD
Francisco C. Rugama, MD
Luis San Miguel, MD
Gilbert Santos, PA
Nirupama Shekar, MD

South Texas Health System Heart

Maria Kintanar, MD
Kashmira Massani, MD
Vladimir Semilla, MD