Trigger Finger

Trigger finger is when a finger or thumb gets stuck in a bent position, much like pulling the trigger on a gun. It occurs when the tendons that move your finger can not slide smoothly and become stuck.


Symptoms of trigger finger may include:

  • Finger locked in a bent position
  • Pain when you bend and straighten your finger
  • Bump on palm side of your hand at the base of the finger that is tender

Risk Factors

You are more likely to have trigger finger if you:

  • Are over 45 years old
  • Are female
  • Have diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis or gout
  • Have a job that requires repeated gripping of your hands

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If your trigger finger does not get better with other treatments, such as rest, wearing a splint, applying heat and ice or stretching, you may require surgery. Surgery involves making a small cut below the tunnel of your finger, and a second cut in the tunnel that the tendon moves through. Your stitches will normally be removed within two weeks and you can resume normal use of your finger once it has healed.